Will Vital Vities help shedding in my cats and dogs?

Will Vital Vities help shedding in my cats and dogs? (click for full answer)
Last Updated: 05/24/2013
As a holistic veterinarian, I find our pet’s coat to be a reflection of their inner health.  Several components work synergistically to create that vibrant coat - the one that stops you in your tracks to catch another glance.

It's almost impossible to get all your dog or cat needs for optimum health nowadays in basic pet foods. Your pet's coat is a reflection of what is happening inside and shedding decreases dramatically when our supplement is added.

Quality supplementation will provide the tools needed for health and if they are indeed a quality supplement you will see healthy, thick coats with good pigment and hardly any shedding.   Some pet owners also report a distinct decrease in odor.

Deserving Pets has designed a preventive supplement having superior ingredients for both coat and general health.  You’ll know that our VITAL VITIES are creating powerfully healthy changes inside because, in usually just a few weeks, you’ll see a genuine change in coat and shedding. Check out our testimonials and say good-bye to constant vacuuming!