Veterinary Immune Powder Professional

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Veterinary Immune Powder Professional (60 servings) provides complete immune and nutritional support at therapeutic levels for immunotherapy. Formulated to aid in the treatment of cancer and other canine diseases while managing pain and enhancing immune efficacy. Dosage guide: One scoop equals one tablet. One scoop per 20 lbs.


Dr. Joe Ramaeker began his work with nutrition in the 1970s. His philosophy is that nature has most of the answers if we don't get lost in the forest. His research, along with the number of clinical cases he has tested, is quite extensive. It all started with the hair analysis of hundreds of patients in order to learn what minerals were deficient in their systems.

With many years of hands-on clinical experience behind him, he began working on a specific formulation for cancer treatment, resulting in the professional-strength formula of his Veterinary Immune Powder, which is available with veterinary approval. He has given this special nutritional immune-modulator compound to more than 50,000 animals. Many of his patients, including those with different types of cancer, Cushing's disease, and hypothyroidism, have experienced excellent results.

Please visit the case studies link below to read about the use of this product as an adjuvant therapy in cancer treatment.

Professional Veterinary Immune Powder is patented for 80 benign tumors and is patent pending for a few malignant tumors. Dr. Ramaeker has stated that even with Osteosarcoma the use of this powder has contributed to putting cases into remission, many with biopsies, ultrasound, and MRI's.


Auto Immune Disorders


Bone Lesions

Bone Marrow Dysfunction

Mass Reduction


Canine Cancers

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