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Ruff on Bugs -- Gentle on Dogs, Powerfully Protective! 12oz Needs Routine application on a daily basis to repel ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. 

Ruff on Bugs -- Gentle on Dogs, Powerfully Protective!

Ruff on Bugs all-natural formula shields your dogs against
fleas, ticks & mosquitoes with NO chemicals or preservatives!

Made with freshest organic essential oils and non-GMO booster oils,
it contains nothing but healthy ingredients that first do no harm.

Easy to use -- spritz on, just as you would apply an insect repellent to yourself!

Finest Grade, Freshest Certified Organic Essential Oils 100% Plant Based With -0- Synthetics Or Chemicals -- Only Unaltered Oils Direct From Plants! In a proprietary combining method, it Contains: Rosemary Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Citronella Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil, Castor Oil And Soybean Oil & Purified Water.


We humans don't take chemical-pills or apply spot-on treatments to ourselves to deal with bugs.  Why would we do it to our dogs?

The goal of such products is to make the dog's blood literally poisonous to the insect so that it dies when it bites the dog. Sounds good, until we consider what that means, over time, to our dogs. Once-monthly pills or treatments are convenient, but at what health cost?

The Good News is. We truly can protect our dogs without first harming them!

Ruff on Bugs was formulated with care for best effectiveness and safety for your dogs! Made with 100% natural organic essential oils and non-GMO booster ingredients, which are proven effective against dreaded mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, gnats, flies and other insects.

Unlike alcohol based formulas Ruff on Bugs isn't vapor activated meaning it doesn't quickly evaporate and is, therefore, long lasting.

Ruff on Bugs is made just for dogs and is perfectly safe around cats, but is NOT FOR USE ON CATS.

(Sorry, kitties, but stay tuned for Ruff on Bugs for Cats.)

Shake well before each use.
Apply once daily, more often if your dog is getting in and out of water, or perhaps hiking in the woods etc.
Follow directions on label. Do not soak your dog, do not apply to genitals or underside of paws or other sensitive areas.
Do not spray on face or inside ears.





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    Was disappointed

    Posted by Jill Marie on 19th Jul 2017

    While this product seemed to keep mosquitoes away, it did nothing to keep fleas and ticks off my puppy. Not only did she bring home fleas from the dog park. But She gets ticks all the time, almost every day. And we spray her all over faithfully every day with this product. Unfortunately I feel I may need to resort to one of those awful chemicals or collars to help. Pulling 3 engorged deer ticks off her in ONE DAY may me realize the risk to her and our family is dire and more drastic measures need to be taken. So for mosquitoes its ok, fleas and ticks a big NO

    Deserving Pet Comment: We listen carefully to our customers comments and wish this person would have called us. Although this is the first review like this and many other people are very happy with the product we will watch and see. Herbal Pet Defense Spray seems to be working perfectly, particularly when the Herbal Defense Powder is also given orally - for ticks.

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    Shake well and it works every time

    Posted by Paul Rapp on 28th Jan 2017

    I was skeptical when a neighbor in town gave me this for the first time but it works wonders. The key is to shake it up every time before using, and use the same way you'd use a repellent on yourself. I live in the woods in a high tick area and when I use this on my dog, she never has a single insect, not fleas ticks or other.

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    What our customers say about Ruff on Bugs

    Posted by Deserving Pets on 29th Jun 2016

    "Our dogs are always tick free when others on the hike are coming back covered with them."-- Laura, with Tubbs & Mikey in Williamsburg, VA

    モ I love Ruff on Bugs. Keeps me bug free and non-toxic. Thank you, Bohdi, Capenteria, CA.ヤ

    モI live to chase tennis balls and Ruff on Bugs keeps me tick free and smelling good.
    Kimchi, Monterey, MA.ヤ

    モNot only is Ruff on Bugs effective insect repellent but its fresh smelling essential oils really help me get the b*tches gone. Higgins, McCormick, NYCヤ