Resvantage Canine

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RESVANTAGE CANINE 5mg contains resveratrol blended together with a unique combination of nutrients that work synergistically to help him or her reach full potential.


From Dr. Khalsaメs article on Oxidation for Dogメs Naturally Magazine


Resveratrol is enjoying a boost in popularity these days. Itメs extracted from 70 different plants including, pomegranates blueberries and many types of nuts. Yet, resveratrol, once exposed to air, light and heat, will degrade rapidly. This will decrease its health benefits, because only trans-resveratrol activates the SiRT1 gene that repairs DNA. Most supplements sold today contain high amounts of degraded resveratrol, making them mostly ineffective.


At one point I began researching resveratrol for itメs potential ability to control canine lymphoma. People were giving huge doses of a resveratrol product from China with little results but much smaller doses from one particular company had some very promising results. Why would this be? The answer to this question will again reiterate to you the importance of getting quality products that are not oxidized on the assembly line (or by sitting around on the stockroom floor, for that matter). When I called Resvantage, once again on my mission, they told me, in passing, that they used Pfizer to encapsulate the product. I asked him why he would use a pharmaceutical company for this? He explained that Pfeizer inherited an unusual piece of equipment when they purchased another company. The equipment pumped all the air and oxygen out of the encapsulation chamber and filled it with nitrogen. The product was pumped in without exposure to air, light and heat. Each capsule was impermeable to air and light and each was individually blister packed. With this method, the customer was getting exactly what was stated on the label of the product, unlike the other resveratrol products.

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