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Traditional Probiotics never make it to your gut. Ever. Quite simply, they don't survive the acid and bile in the stomach. PROBONIX is the only product Dr. Khalsa knows of where the probiotics reach their destination.


Traditional Probiotics never make it to your gut. Ever. Quite simply, they don't survive the acid and bile in the stomach. PROBONIX is the only product Dr. Khalsa knows of where the probiotics reach their destination.


Human Dosage: 4 drops per day.

Traditional Probiotics Fall Short

Research indicates that anywhere from 80-99% of traditional, unprotected, live probiotic cells will be killed off by stomach acid before reaching the intestine.1

In order for the good bacteria to provide their beneficial effects, they must be able to survive in numbers high enough to allow them to do their jobs.2 The way that most traditional probiotic products are packaged and processed does not promote high survival rates. These traditional probiotic supplements often claim billions of active cells per dose on their labels, but they do not promise whether these probiotic cells will stay alive and healthy once they enter the intestines.

One acid coating process HAS been proven to protect the live cultures.

A process in which the probiotic is coated in an acidic protection, has been tested and been proven to protect from the damaging effects of stomach acid and bile. As of the date of the writing of this material, this is the only process that has been scientifically tested and proven to protect live probiotic cultures.

Probonix was developed using cutting-edge fermentation technology to deliver stable and viable probiotic bacteria safely into your intestines. Instead of putting billions of probiotic bacteria into a pill and hoping some organisms make it to the intestines alive, this exclusive proprietary process protects each live cell from the harsh bile and stomach acid.

Probonix is saturated in a solution that places the individual bacteria in a temporary static state and protects them against the stomach acid. Only after they reach the intestines do they become activated and provide their many health benefits.


Probiotic bacteria have a four-phase life cycle.

1. LAG Phase - In the beginning, the bacteria are dormant, and not replicating. They are not consuming food and simply adapting to their environment. 

2. GROWTH Phase - The bacteria are replicating exponentially and using up nutrients in their environment. They are also generating lots of waste as a by-product of their replication pro- cess (i.e. acids, etc.) 

3. STATIC Phase - Growth has plateaued, because much of the available nutrients have been used up. 

4. DEATH Phase - Pretty self-explanatory. 

Probiotics are literally sold in all 4 Phases. Those in the LAG Phase typically do not require refrigeration, because they are not growing or consuming nutrients, only adapting to their environment in a dormant stage. However, live bacteria that are in the GROWTH Phase typically require refrigeration because they are packaged with a food source (e.g., simple sugars) and have already started growing. The purpose of the refrigeration is to slow down their metabolism so they do not consume all their food while sitting in the self in stores waiting for you to purchase them. Now imagine what happens when they run out of food... Yep that is right, they plateau and reach a STATIC phase followed by death all before you even take the supplement.

Probiotics that DO NOT require refrigeration have a longer shelf life.

This makes sense since the bacteria is only in the LAG Phase (as opposed to refrigerated probiotics which are already past that phase and into the GROWTH Phase, STATIC Phase, and DEATH Phase). Compare the expiration dates to confirm this. So for financial reasons, it just makes sense to go with the supplements that will remain potent longer, right? Remember, the most expensive supplement is the one that does not work.


Probiotics that DO NOT require refrigeration might be more likely to survive.

And that means they are more likely to do the job you want them to do. Unrefrigerated probiotic supplements that contain bacteria in the LAG Phase, do not need to be manufactured or coated with PREbiotics (simple carbohydrate food), because they are not actively dividing. Being in the LAG phase, and being able to adapt to an acidic environment, helps the bacterial cultures better survive through the stomach acid, as they have already adapted and been trained to withstand this type of acidic conditions.

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    The first I've tried that truly seems to work!

    Posted by Diane on 5th Jan 2018

    I've been giving my 15 yo Jack Russell Terrier and two 11 yo cats Probonix for the past month and already placed an order for more. Probonix is the first one I've tried (and I've tried many) that truly seems to be helping them. Now if the below zero wind chill weather would warm up, Miss Skittles (JRT) will have a better time emptying her anal glands.

    Thank you so much for Probonix!


    A very grateful and blessed pet mom - Diane