Myristin Softgel Capsules

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Myristin Softgels are 40% Cetyl Myristoleate in a softgel - The highest available concentration of any CMO supplement, meaning you can take fewer doses over a shorter period of time. This product is human grade and can be used for pets.


Myristin softgels from EHP are made from cetylated fatty acids oil containing a
40% concentration of CMO. This 40% strength is the highest strength of any CMO
product in the world. As a dietary supplement, Myristin is used in most cases for a
little over two months (68 days). The large amount of CMO per softgel (260 mg) allows
consumers to take fewer capsules daily and to consume the recommended amount
of product in a shorter time. After the initial period of two months, many people use
one Myristinᆴ softgel daily or every other day as a maintenance regimen.