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Short Description

Myrist-Aid is a synergistic capsule which is taken with a Myristin capsule or a softgel. It is designed to be supportive and aid in absorption when taking Myristin.


Each capsule of Myrist-Aid contains glucosamine sulfate, 200mg; Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), 200mg; ascorbic acid, 100mg; Bromelain, 12mg; manganese, 2.0mg; curcumin, 4mg; lecithin, 100mg; and lipase, 1,800units.

When taken with Myristin, two Myrist-Aid capsules with one Mryristin capsule or one softgel before lunch, and three Myrist-Aid capsules with one Myristin capsule or softgel before dinner for a total of three Myristin capsules or softgels and eight Myrist-Aid capsules daily.

For best effects, Myrist-Aid should be taken for 3-6 months after Myristin is completed. In continuation use, two Myrist-Aid capsules are taken with breakfast three with lunch, and three with dinner, for a total fo eight capsules daily.