Lamb Airy Bites

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Short Description

Healthy alternative to typical dog treats. We have chosen Airy Bites of all the brands we have tried to train our dog. He loves them and they really do keep his attention.


Lamb Airy Bitesル are the healthy alternative to typical training or snack treats which often include glycerin, sugars, and other モfillersヤ that your dog doesnメt need. Put a handful in your pocket; thereメs no greasy mess. Teach dogs to sit, stay, or answer your email. Try an off lead hike; your dog wonメt stray too far if youメve got a pocketful of these! Enhanced with a proprietary SuperFood Dry Rubル infusion of flax plus air-dried spinach, tomato, and carrot, whole food sources of Omega-3 fatty acids and immune boosting phytonutrients.

Easy to break pieces
High protein & low fat
Love the delicious crunch
Great training snack
No greasy mess
All natural & healthy
For young & old dogs