Healthy Dog Products

dogCanine Everyday Essentials for Dogs. Nourishment is more than food in a bowl. In fact, many essential nutrients are missing from pet foods and even home cooked diets. In today's world, both people and pets routinely take supplements as preventive 'health insurance'.

Dr. Khalsa designed Canine Everyday Essentials to contain all the tools your dog needs to stay healthy. You get balanced vitamins and minerals along with phytonutrients and probiotics. Beets, blueberries, dandelion, kale and carrots all contain special important phytonutrients. Then it's all microencapsulated to preserve and protect the integrity of the precious ingredients. That's because many vitamins and phytonutrients oxidize when exposed to air and light, thus destroying their potency. It's all prepared exclusively in human facilities with FDA oversight.

You'll likely see: less shedding, softer and shinier coats and better digestion. Older dogs act younger and mobility increases. The healthy changes going on inside shortly become noticeable on the outside.

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"Give me everything I need for a long and healthy life."