Healthy Cat Products

blissful bacon

This yummy supplement will have your cat purring with bliss. And you\'ll be in bliss, too, because there\'s no need to chase your cat down to take this very necessary preventive supplement. Even the most finicky of our feline friends will eat this vitamin as a tasty treat when added to their food.
Cranberry & Blueberry & Dandelion for Bladder Support
Vitamin E & Beets & Alfalfa & Taurine for Cardiac Support
Dandelion for Liver Support
L-Glutamine & Pumpkin & Apples for Bowel Support
Alfalfa & Dandelion & Vitamin C for Joint Support
Biotin & Zinc for Coat
Kale and Broccoli – cancer preventing phytonutrients
Deserving Pets VITAL VITIES for cats were designed with your cat’/s optimal health in mind!
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