Can supplementation help my pet's chronic diarrhea? (click for full answer)
That would depend on what supplement you are using. VITAL VITIES contains some great super foods that are also prebiotics. Prebiotics are the food that the probiotic bacterial thrive on and it’s been
Can Vitamins Help Prevent Disease? (click for full answer)
Your pet’s diet is the single most important factor for his or her health, immunity and longevity.  I feel like my mantra is fast becoming, “Give your pet the healthiest diet you can create”. &nb
Do Vital Vities have anything that might help arthritis? (click for full answer)
I suggest you take a look at our testimonial page after you read this page.  So many owners of elderly cats and dogs who have joint stiffness, arthritis and aches and pains report wonderful resul
How do I know that the vitamins are working? (click for full answer)
That's a really great question! Vitamins work internally, making the various systems of the body work better and more efficiently. They act as health insurance by keeping the immune system and organs
How do you give Deserving Pets VITAL VITIES and Feline Everyday Essentials? (click for full answer)
Both VITAL VITIES and Feline Everyday Essentials come as a naturally flavored powder that you sprinkle on the food.  With cats, you sprinkle VITAL VITIES in tiny amounts in the beginning and then
I feed my dogs and my cats a high quality food. Why would I need to add a supplement? (click for full answer)
Let’s take a stroll together down Nutrition Lane. We’ll take our time so we can thoroughly digest all the information we learn while on our journey. Nutrition is the science that deals with foods and
Will Vital Vities help shedding in my cats and dogs? (click for full answer)
As a holistic veterinarian, I find our pet’s coat to be a reflection of their inner health. Several components work synergistically to create that vibrant coat - the one that stops you in your tracks