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DermaDrops by Spa Diggity Dog is an effective, 100% natural topical formula for dogs which provides fast soothing relief for hot spots, flea bites, dry skin and similar skin irritations.


Licking, chewing and scratching can cause a minor problem to become a major skin infection resulting in unnecessary pain and discomfort for both you and your dog. The oils in DermaDrops helps desensitize the affected skin area, discouraging damaging behavior while accelerating healing. These oils also promote and support the body's natural healing process without chemicals or synthetics.

All ingredients are human quality and safe for all dogs.
Your dog doesn't have to suffer from problem skin!

Please do not use on cats. Many essential oils are toxic to cats and can cause serious and deadly adverse reactions!

Oils of Neem, Karanja, Sesame, Olive, Jojoba and Coconut, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oils of Lemongrass, Atlas Cedarwood and Lavender.

Apply several drops to the affected area (hot spots, scratches, scrapes, small cuts, insect bites, abrasions, skin rashes, dermatitis, lick granulomas and dry skin conditions), gently rub into skin twice daily as needed.
If symptoms persist please consult with your veterinarian.

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    Breaking the Cycle

    Posted by Francis M. on 11th Sep 2018

    I live in the upper Northeast where ticks and fleas are a warm weather nightmare for my dogs. A flea bites one of them and the scratching starts, then the raw skin from the scratching and lastly the infection and antibiotics to treat it. Now I can break the cycle and do so on a regular basis. This oil knocks out the irritation and stops the scratching so we do not get to the infection and treatment stage. What a relief to find a safe and natural solution to this annual problem.

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    Really works!

    Posted by Betsy on 11th Sep 2018

    I totally love these herbal drops in oil. My dog gets these little infection crusts which can easily turn into a hot spot. I was routinely going to the vet to get antibiotics which was time consuming and costly. Now, I just put these drops right on when a spot starts and it goes away within hours. I've tried a lot of topical stuff and this works like a dream. Even Zymox enzymatic spray with steroid did not work reliably. I can't say enough about these drops.And it seems to heal in a way that ir doesn't come back. Highly, highly recommend.

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    Best Dog Soap Ever

    Posted by Harrison Molker on 6th Sep 2018

    Everything about this dog soap is delicious. The smell is healthy, natural and not overpowering. My dog is completely clean but all the healthy, protective natural oils that were in his coat are untouched. His itchy areas are not itching anymore. He smells fresh but it's not like some of these overpowering perfume shampoos. And the bar is lasting forever! I'm very happy this purchase.