Allergy: Dog Kit with Vial D - For Dogs who also have GI Problems

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This protocol is safe, natural, non-toxic and effective. It works by reprogramming the immune system to its original and healthy state. Allergy Elimination 4 Pets will naturally reboot, harmonize and correct your pet's inappropriate immune system responses.



Are you frantically reading pet food labels, desperately trying to find a food that agrees with your pet? You don't have to do this with Allergy Elimination 4 Pets. We find the allergies and eliminate them by correcting and rebooting your pet's immune system.

This effective and easy-to-do-at-home treatment is designed by Dr. Deva Khalsa, using her 40 years of experience as a highly acclaimed holistic veterinarian specializing in allergies. It corrects the immune system so it behaves correctly and does not overreact to things in the food or the environment.

Dr. Khalsa has chosen the most common allergens, food sensitivities and intolerances in our dogs and cats. There may be items in this kit that your pet is not allergic to and, conversely, there may be items missing your pet is allergic to. That said, it will lessen the allergic reactions in most pets.

Here is how you do it ヨ all in the comfort of your own home!

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Individualized testing is also available by consulting with Dr. Khalsa and arranging a specific testing for your pet. The consultation covers all the medical problems of your pet and is $125.00 and the individual testing is $85.00

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