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From Animal Wellness Magazine, June/July, 2011 issue, an article by Ann Brightman

This holistic vet's desire to enhance nutritional wellness for companion animals led her to create a unique line of vitamins for dogs and cats.
Good nutrition helps prevent a host of health issues in animals. It's a fact that Dr. Deva Khalsa lives by. Her 30 years of experience as a holistic veterinarian have brought her into contact with hundreds of dogs and cats, many with health problems that could have been prevented. "It broke my heart to see all the illness, and watch people worry over their dogs and cats and the money needed to diagnose and fix diseases that were avoidable with proper nutrition," she says.

Dr. Khalsa determined to do something to change things. "I love being a veterinarian because I love making dogs and cats well again," she says. "I saw the capacity for their bodies to heal and understood that if they had the proper support, this capacity would prevent disease. It became my quest to research a true preventive supplement geared toward all the common problems I was seeing so often."

The result was Deserving Pets, a line of holistic natural vitamins for dogs and cats. "I specialize in preventive supplements because they are so needed," says Dr. Khalsa. "I carefully researched phytonutrients and their prevention of disease. I created a tapestry of phytonutrients aimed at specific common problems along with a totally balanced bioavailable vitamin and mineral supplement." Her Vital Vitamins for Dogs and Cats contain an array of powerful natural ingredients. "Dandelion heals the liver, tones the gall bladder, flushes the urinary tract, assists digestion and is a prebiotic. Kale and broccoli are phytonutrients that dump carcinogens out of cells. Blueberries acidify the urine - the mannose they contain attach to and eliminate bacteria in the body. Beets clean the liver and tone the heart. I put in lots of vitamin D3 as I firmly believe many dogs and cats are deficient."

Helping animal guardians understand the importance of quality nutrition is another of Dr. Khalsa's aims. "I educate because it's vital that pet owners have the tools to keep their best friends healthy." The Deserving Pets website offers informative FAQs on dog and cat health, and Dr. Khalsa has also written a book about holistic canine wellness entitled Dr. Khalsa's Natural Dog. "I am also going to be teaching a course in nutrition for disabled veterans who train search and rescue and working dogs," she adds. "And last year for Thanksgiving and Christmas I donated 50 cases of Vital Vities to rescue groups and shelters."

Dr. Khalsa is passionate about what she does. "I wanted to be a veterinarian ever since I was a tiny tot and I would never want to be anything else. The trust and love that our dogs and cats have for us, and that my patients have for me, is a truly special thing. I just love them all so much I don't want them to get sick." AW

Deserving Pets is delighted to have teamed with Dr. Khalsa to develop, refine and taste test these canine and feline nutritional supplements in an effort to make optimal nutrition available at a reasonable price on the consumer market. Enjoy!

Learn more about Dr. Deva Khalsa here: www.doctordeva.com


Dr. Deva Khalsa, VMD, CVA, and FBIH, is one of the leading holistic and highly acclaimed integrative veterinarians in the world and has been named the Miracle Worker. In 1981, she earned her VMD from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Khalsa immediately began evaluating, embracing and integrating the most beneficial elements of health and healing traditions known the world over and soon began developing her own highly effective protocols. She decided to formulate a perfect and complete supplement for dogs and cats because keeping your pets healthy is what she does best.


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