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About Us

Ever since she was a young girl, healing animals was Dr. Khalsa's life-long dream. After many years in practice, she realized that it was just as important to help our best friends stay healthy and to prevent disease. As Benjamin Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." She decided to create a pet supplement that had high enough doses of vitamins and minerals in the correct form to actually make a difference.

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Pet Owners who Barked Up The Right Tree

"Both my dogs are so much healthier since they started on your Canine Everyday Essentials Their itching and scratching was making my husband's and my life (and their lives - if you think of it) miserable. Both my dogs smelled and had dry, flakey coats. After a few weeks on your supplement, they are just like new: shiny, healthy and happy. I've decided that life is more fun with healthy pets!"

- Ramona, Florida

"Ever since I started using Canine Everyday Essentials for my dogs, (especially my dachshunds) their coats are very shiny and you could actually brush your teeth looking in them! From a very happy and satisfied customer and happy consumers of the product. Thank you."

- Kim and the gang

"At first, I wasn’t too sure about trying another product. To be honest, I didn’t think my cat would eat it and nothing else I tried has helped his pain and discomfort when he goes potty. Not only does he eat his food with it but TA- DAH formed poops without pain and discomfort that don’t smell. In fact, all of my cat’s poops are less smelly, and all their coats are now incredible with measurably decreased shedding."

- C. H.

"Unabashedly, I love cats so I have 6 in my home. Within a few weeks of giving them your Vital Vities for Cats my need to vacuum was cut down to once a week instead of almost every day. I never realized that all their shedding indicated something missing in their nutrition. Their coats shine. One of my rescues had chronic cat viral infection problems and I have not seen it at all since starting this product. I will never stop giving them your Vital Vities. I’ve compared the ingredients with many other feline formulas and nothing compares to Vital Vities. The best thing is that they actually like it in their food every day. Thanks so much for creating this."

- Miranda and her crew of cats

"I have a 13 year-old miniature poodle who was looking and acting his age. After a few weeks on Canine Everyday Essentials, Mortie is like a puppy and people at the park now actually think he is a puppy."

- Elise

"My Golden Retrievers have the most fantastic coats since they began Canine Everyday Essentials . Even my puppies are born with great coats and confirmations. The pups have been unbelievably smart. At 6 weeks old they are all going outside to do their business. Never seen anything like it."


"We researched Canine Everyday Essentials and found they contain every vitamin and mineral needed for health and intelligence along with whole, super-foods. We don’t know if it’s because it’s so complete, so rich in every nutrient or because the ingredients are protected from degrading by that special coating, but our dogs are in the best shape they’ve ever been in. We believe in supplements and have been raising dogs for 25 years. There is nothing to compare."

- Steve and Mary

"My black Labrador Retriever shines with health and is the star of this calendar. I take great care of my dog but when I began Canine Everyday Essentials I saw an incredible difference. There must be something very healthy going on inside to have such an effect. We all thank you."

- Mark